The eaves are very deep on this house; it’s only in these really short days that I get direct sunlight coming in for more than a little while in the morning. And in some ways, that’s a bad thing. My violets are suffering – well, and there’s that thing where I forget to water them because they’re in my bedroom and mostly out of sight when I’m thinking about that sort of thing.


Bright, slanting light. And Katniss, who jumped down shortly after this to be petted. Remember Piglet, from Charlie Brown? Yeah, that cloud of dust and debris. I so want to vacuum this cat.

I got done with this bit of happiness (She almost climbed on my lap! I actually heard her purr for a half-second!) and went to pick up my cup of coffee, that I had set down 45 minutes ago.


See those slanting lines? A spiderweb. In my coffee cup. I guess this means I should never put it down.