Yes. Tempted to shout.

First thing: do you read Sinfest? I wish you would, because I can’t explain why today’s strip made me sob. And almost smile.

So, I’ve been feeling better for a few days now. Better, as in good. As in, I haven’t felt good like this for a long, long time. It’s still weird and scary; I actually am afraid of feeling good, because I might do too much and knock myself back down, which is why I took a nap this afternoon. I also stayed in my jammies all day, more or less; nightgown and leggings and sweater = tunic and leggings and sweater, doesn’t it? I told a friend about leggings, and leggings and nightgowns, and now she’s doing it. We’re considering having a pajama party at work one of these days. Because comfy.

No, there are no pictures. I love all of you, but it’s insanely cold out there. I thought about taking pictures of the living room floor, what with the cat carrier/hideout for playing kill, and the huge crumpled sheet of brown paper that is ever-so-slowly being shredded, and all the toys. My coat/vest combo fell off the coat tree, and Katniss decided that that was where she needed to sleep. So there it stayed, for a while.

You might call it messy; I call it agility training, walking around all the cat’s accoutrements. Some might call it crazy cat ladies; I call it good karma. Or, maybe crazy cat ladies.