There are people who want me there, and I could smoke pot. I think that would help my blood pressure.

(Speaking of said people, look at this picture! I just want to dive into it.)

So, online classes. The first thing they want you to do is Introduce Yourself Smiley Face Let Us All Be Friends! And I’m kinda not there, what with these people having these little tiny pictures and I can’t keep them straight, plus cranky and old. So, my intro paragraph to my remedial algebra class was maybe not so . . Good. We’ll call it maybe not so good.

Hello. I live in Ashland. I am older than, like, all of you put together. I’m an art history major, a field that has no need whatsoever for higher mathematics. There is a possibility that I might suffer from attitude. And sarcasm. I’m heavily blighted with sarcasm.

Yeah. Maybe not so good. I apologized, both in the discussion board and in an email to my teacher.*

Plus! For no apparent reason my English class is tied into Cengage! a company that filed for some level of bankruptcy last year, and you have to download an app (which I really resent) and even so, I can’t get to the syllabus, which, you know, is just a simple little word doc.

And now I’ve gotten distracted, and I can’t remember the end point of this rant, except blood pressure, and maybe it would be nice if it wasn’t so cold. I think the years of warmer winters have made me a wimp. I think I’ll just go downstairs to my art cave and practice painting. I got a thing I want to do. Or maybe write. There’s some things I want to write. Yeah, let’s get out of here.

And by the way, my horoscope told me to not mouth off. Oops.

* But I polled all my art teachers, and they all said there isn’t that much need for math, except stuff that I’ve been doing for like the last 50 years. Plus, $100 text. for a remedial class. Thank you so much.