“All those people on tv are getting paid to say that.” Just saying.

A certain amount of the Debate In The World is fallout, like in The Hobbit® movie where the big stone guys are throwing stuff at each other and our merry troop of dwarves and wizard and hobbit nearly get creamed by the rockfall. Authority figures are standing up in rows opposing each other and tossing sound bites at each other and people are lining up according to what stuck on them, or landed nearby, or was shiny and they picked it up, and everybody is yelling/cheering for the authority figure they’ve been kind of arbitrarily tagged by.

And remember, they’re getting paid to say that. In what currency?

There’s too much to know, to understand, forcing us to make a decision on incomplete information, and pick the authority figure that seems likely. Our movies, our public stories, are all Myths and Jungian archetypes now because Hello! There Are Rocks Falling From the Sky!, and we need a bigger umbrella Right. Now.

Even just stepping out your door is incredibly dangerous because you might get swept up in the stream that’s going by, carried off to slay a dragon living under a dead volcano.


I like my dragon, though. We go out flying when the weather’s right.