I’m tired of writing silly stuff; or more correctly, I use facebook for that function. And I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do here.

My fish didn’t die. Don’t believe the Wiki when it says to euthanize your fish that has swim bladder disease. It was pretty bleak there for a couple of days, when it would eat and then lay on the surface to rest up for a couple of hours. But then the next day it was eager to eat again, and only rested for an hour and a half. And now, it mostly can keep its balance. I couldn’t figure out a peaceful euthanasia, and I figured anything that involved removing it from its tank would be horrifying, as far as a fish can register things like that. Hey, “they” proved that dogs do love people, so what do we know about fish? And I swear scientists have never owned dogs, for all the stupid things they say.

I took a quickie figure-drawing class, and it was great. I have a sketch waiting for me to figure out what comes next, lying on my table. Did some sewing, did some cleaning. Now spring break is over, must function tomorrow.

I’m trying to survive gen eds. Enough on that. I have high blood pressure and a fatty liver, and I’m trying to survive that, too. Major overhaul of my diet, which is turning out good, because I feel so much better. Except for the no-red-wine part. No drinking at all, actually. Not like I did a lot anyway (she says, glancing at the bottle that’s been sitting there on the cupboard for months).

Have a picture.

redon woman and centaur

I’ve never seen this part of Redon’s work before. It’s really just orange and blue. Very beautiful. I wonder if the centaur is the orange – no, he must be the blue mountain, and she the orange sky.