I am reading geography. I am crabby.

I’ve switched to an almost totally plant-based diet. Still more meat than I’d like, and nowhere’s near enough butter and sugar. Also, decaf. It’s really weird. I feel like a traitor to something, and I’m sure I’d backslide in a minute if I didn’t feel so much better all the time. I was going to say my hands don’t hurt, but they do. My fingers don’t, though, and that’s almost as good, and the thing with my hands? Quit playing internet solitaire! And I did indeed put on my pants standing up today.

Also, you know you’re getting old when putting on your pants while standing is a big deal.

In knitting, which I never talk about but actually do quite a bit of the time;

The black socks that I thought were irredeemable and ripped out the toe on the first one and redid it in an angry way, fit better than all my other socks. So, that’s weird.

I started a pair of fingerless mitts. And ripped them out. And started them again. And ripped them out. And started them again and got maybe half-way through and realized they were crazy when they were talking about gauge. And ripped them out again. My will is nearly broken.

I bought sock yarn on line, that was so pretty and yellow, and I got it and opened the package – and there were sparkles. I like sparkles, but NOT ON ME. But, I am working on changing my mind.

6 weeks left of school, more or less. I’ve already started nosing around about jobs. The sun was out beautifully today, and we’re supposed to get 17″ of snow starting tomorrow night. This one is not pushing me closer to the edge. This is normal end of the season snow. Hopefully it will melt slowly enough to not cause floods.

The best news; Daughter has a job! It’s a training grant thing, and funding is only for 3 months, but having a person who goes out and does things rather than sit around getting more and more depressed is fantastic – as good as the spring that is finally coming.