Hi yeah political! And Feminism! But this is what happens if you don’t smile :). (If you can’t tell, that was sarcasm, and yes I’m angry.)

I’ve been reading about Jill Abramson being fired by the New York Times, and I thought I would put together some of the articles I’ve seen.

How Jill Abramson changed the Times’ news staff.

Abramson hired a lawyer! to ask about pay inequalities.

The Narrow Band of Acceptable Feminine Behavior.

It was bad manners to do what was done the way it was done.

We don’t get any names on who called Abramson names, and why that matters.

Man rule; you give a nice send-off to the guy who ALLOWED PLAGIARISM AT YOUR NEWSPAPER! but a woman wants to know if she’s getting paid less than her predecessors and you fire her ass. Bonus points if you read Valenti’s opinion piece on why women are unhappy.

eta: This article is pretty awesome.