It’s corrupting me.

The guy I listened to on Saturday was nice. Not too wordy, a clear format, nothing too preachy. It’s probably a speech he gave a million times. The two takeaways I got were, “you’re only this young once,” and “never grow up.” I’m not sure if those two are the same or opposites. There was stuff about seizing your dreams, or at least heading in that general direction.

And I wore new clothes, including little footies made of alien space plastic instead of wool socks, and now one foot is up in flames. Thank you, continuing sensitivities. And I went way off my prescribed food plan on Mother’s day, and didn’t look back till Saturday evening, by which time I felt like I had been poisoned, and now everything hurts again, although not as bad. Yet.

It’s good to have these little reminders.

And it’s a good thing I have friends, or I wouldn’t have gone on Saturday, after screwing up and leaving the tickets at home, and not realizing it till we were a half-hour out.

I did a thing, you see. That involves black gowns and caps. (I still can’t say the words.)

So we got there and we were late and I put on my gown and grabbed my cap and started across campus towards the library where I was supposed to be fifteen minutes earlier. It was a beautiful bright windy day, and there were all these people walking around all over, and some of them were wearing black gowns and mortar boards, and some of them had bigger hats and extra layers and velvet bands.

And it occurred to me that I was one of those people. It occurred to me I was where I belonged.

There are bridges that burn, to light your way forward. I’ve applied for grad school.