Yes, I’m reading Moby Dick again this summer. I got it from Project Gutenberg last year on a whim, and bought a Barnes & Noble classic edition of it before I was through. Expect favorite lines throughout the summer. Melville talks abou the difference between going on a cruise and working on an ocean-going vessel, the difference being who pays, primarily;

The act of paying is perhaps the most uncomfortable infliction that the two orchard thieves entailed upon us.

I didn’t catch that the first time through. Nor this, on the virtues of being before the mast;

For as in this world, head winds are far more prevalent than winds from astern…

I did not realize what this book was made from, the first time through. There’s a line that paints a picture on almost every page.

And secondly, if there is a heaven it was today. Perfect temperature, the sun breaking the clouds for the first time in three days. And while we might have had 50 or more days with below-zero temperatures, I think the danger of frost is over, although I’m not silly enough to plant things in the dirt yet. The decaf coffee I bought is actually decaf, and is not so bitter as to mess with my stomach. And the seeds I planted on Sunday have sprouted, and are lounging in the protection of the front step, sucking up sunlight.

In honor of this perfection, we won’t talk about the 16 rows of beaded lace I get to rip out tonight (beaded lace in dark blue – I don’t think it should be an inside project, but little tiny beads and unstable garden furniture are not a good match). I suppose I could work on one of the other projects I have going, but I don’t think so.

Sorry. Time to go back outside. Later!