Catherine was talking about daily affirmations. So I went and looked, and found one that I thought was okay. I suppose I should watch the cloud video, but no. To be honest, it reminds me a lot of that scene in “Grosse Pointe Blank” with the ‘I am the me in the moment’ bit. But, when I feel myself going off-rail, I just say the focus on the good part, and keep moving. Maybe I should cut it back to, “Focus on the good. Keep moving.”

Saturday was 90º. Sunday was in the 80’s. So was Monday. I turned the heat back on this morning; it was 60 in the house. Crazy stuff.

I use Weather Underground for forecasts, even though their record is not so good. Their reporting station about a mile from here says the high will be 59º. The weather station a little more inland says the high will be 67º, up from the 57º it said this morning. Wear layers, I guess. And a bag that you can shove them all in, when it gets too hot.

I’ve been accepted for grad school. Which is a personal affirmation of a pretty high order. (I was thinking about it this morning, and they had better accept me. I worked my ass off.) I’m excited and concerned. And worried about getting too tired. I didn’t know how I would manage undergrad and I graduated with honors, so I think I will be able to figure it out.


We’ve been taking Katniss out on a leash. I feel bad; she hates it. But as my reward, I get to watch her being a cat instead of a pain. She spent minutes catching something I couldn’t see in the grass – little bugs, I’m sure, but I didn’t feel like getting down on my hands and knees to check it out. And she’s a peeping Tom! We walked around the neighbor’s side of the house, and she peered in all their basement windows. She did this on our side of the house, too, I’m guessing orienting herself in the world.

Katniss has spent too much time indoors; she is not very sure of herself when she climbs. (She’s also clumsy. Another thing I feel bad about even though it’s not my fault, but she handles it pretty well.) Which means she spent a lot of time just looking at trees, assessing their climbability. It’s hard to explain to a cat that their leash is only so long, and I’m not about to stand at the base of a tree till she decides to come down. Although I agree, the maple would probably be an easy climb for her.