It was a beautiful day again, much hampered by spending two hours at the eye doctor, and walking out into a parking lot in the middle of the afternoon with my eyes dilated. Ow. I am going to refuse that malarky next time, and the time after. We were spoiled as kids. Our eye doctor didn’t believe in that crap, preferring to spend a good chunk of time peering through a normally contracted iris.

But. Like I said, a beautiful day, warm and soft, with temperatures dropping as the evening came on. I was outside in a jacket when a friend called from an hour away, saying it was hot there still. She’s coming up tomorrow; I told her to bring a sweater.

Spring is here, weeks late for the second year in a row.


Golden Locust, I think. With a thread of spider web. It doesn’t sprout until it’s pretty sure there will be no more frost. We might be in the clear.