After trying for two weeks, I finally wrastled Katniss into her wee little kitteh harness, and dragged her outside. The outside bit was fine, it was what she’s been TRYING TO DO! for the year and a half that we’ve had her; it was the harness. How Dare You Constrain Me! But, she got the idea pretty quick. By the second morning, all I had to do was show her the harness, and she was up and outta here. (She has to be on a leash, as a condition of our lease. She’s supposed to have a rabies shot too, but I like my skin, thank you very much.) I added a length of rope to her leash, and tie her out, leaving the screen and the inside door open so she can ESCAPE THE EVIL! But of course, she is still a cat, and must go in and out and in and out. So, we leave the harness on for most of the day.

And, I take her for a walk in the evening. It’s embarrassing. First, crazy cat lady walking her cat. Second, she wants to peep through everybody’s basement windows, and sniff at their doors. I won’t let her go near the yard across the alley, because crabby, and I don’t let her go in the neighbor’s yards. But she MUST go sniff around in the raspberry patch, and she MUST I don’t know what. I was impatient the other night, and wanted to keep moving, and she got mad and hissed at me. I think we have a domestic terrorist in our midst.

A terrorist who does this;


Bad things had been done to the farmhouse we were living in, and I made this quilt top to cover a particularly ugly wall. After 20 years, I finally got around to making it into a quilt this week. I’m doing just a little bit of quilting on it, and left it on the table to work on this morning.

I don’t think I’ll get much done on it this morning.