I’m in a place. Again. Tuesday seems to be where the place lives. Maybe I should make sure I sleep through Tuesdays from now on.

I’m almost done with a sock. Except that it is about a half-inch too short, which means I have to rip out the last inch of sock back to where I started the decreasing.

I would switch to toe-up, but I probably would muck that up too.

Which is a Tuesday thing to say.

I’m also restless, and starting to start new projects.

Have a flower.


This is one thing (of many, actually) that went right today.

(Okay, technical stuff. Close focus and shallow depth of field equals a lot of strange focusing, what with the weaving back and forth I apparently do. The peony is actually a dark wine color, but the flash burnt it out to the bright pink, and dropped the background to black. Fair warning, I will use this combination more in the future. Also, I love the little peep of yellow peeking out.)