This here? Is a victory lap.


We moved from Minneapolis to the farm 20 years ago. The place was a dump. One of the windows in the living room had been covered over with cheap siding on the outside, and filled in (poorly) with mirrored tiles. I could not bear the sight of it, and made this quilt top to hang over it. It’s all cheap fabric, and barely enough to make the seams in places. But it was so much better than what it covered.

Aaaand. Things got worse, as they tend to when things begin poorly. I moved out and on, dragging Daughter with me. A lot of packing was done by an angry drunken person, and I was glad to get as much of my stuff as I did. So I was incredible happy when I found the quilt top shoved in a box with some loose papers and I don’t know what all.

Aaaand. Things weren’t that great then, either, but eventually things started going better, and now that I’m on a fairly even keel, I decided to actually make it into a quilt. I won’t show you the back, because as in all things, I have to make mistakes before I can do it right. All the mistakes. But it’s so much fun to get into bed under a blankie I made myself.

It’s like I kept a promise or something.