My family has this weird snooty streak. I can hear my father and one of my brothers saying that with a tone, man. And then I can hear my older brother saying it like the smart alec/clown/multi-layered person that he was.

My mother wouldn’t say that. She had her own way.

But anyway. I have been remiss, and I’m sorry. Kmkat came all the way up to the Big Lake to see me! and it was great. It really was. Somebody who understood when I came running up with yet another skein, saying Look! And somebody – well, let’s just say somebody not from around here. We had a lot to talk about, and I had a lot of coffee so I certainly had a lot to talk about. And the day was beautiful and there was a huge yacht at the end of the street; Bayfield put on a good show. I didn’t have my camera, but believe me, it was a good day. We even found parking.

Kathryn gave me this beautiful cowl –
Modeled gracefully by my hand. I’m still trying to figure out what the stitch pattern is. And it is perfect for my early fall wardrobe, which sounds kind of high-falutin’, but apparently it is a thing, where I have to match the season. It will be good all spring, of course.

And this would be the yarn I bought.
Jitterbug, in copper beach. Made in Wales. My paternal grandmother came from Wales. I have a second sock to finish, and a shawl, and a pair of gloves, and a pair of fingerless mitts, and there’s a baby on its way for which I have no ideas except for using some bulky-weight yarn in merino. So I cannot cast on with this yarn. But I’m thinking a beanie, even though I look like Cousin Itt in hats. Wearing the skein draped around my neck has its charm, too.

Anyway. My camera has decided that exposures are random things. Color is fairly random, too. I’m lightening my photos so they look good with my screen brightness cranked, because I really have no idea how else to judge. They’re probably still too dark. I’ve lost my color checker card. I am a bad photographer.