I’m working on the Aeolian shawl.


It was actually part of the motivation to get through my last term, that when I was done I would use all that free brain space to knit lace. I’m on row 15 of the edge chart – only 30 rows left. (I think I’m in those V-shapes of openwork.) And each row takes about 20 minutes now.

So the last worked row was K5, (YO, SSK) x 3, K7, (K2T, YO) x 3. This last row was K7, (YO, SSK) x3, K5, (KST, YO) x 3. To make it harder, I think of those SSK’s as being “knit two together,” and open a subfile in my brain to decide which way it’s supposed to slant. Daughter was talking about XBOX 360 and some game that came out in 2001. I made it half-way before I decided it wasn’t going to happen.

I’ll finish the row today, once I get up from my nap.