obviously I'm crazy


It’s available on Ravelry. Go see it, and the 20 other drop-dead gorgeous versions of it. Like this one;

yes obviously.

I hope this explains why I have been putting off joining Ravelry.

1.) I have no idea how much money this is – “kr.40.00 SEK”. 2.) I am stuck on Row 21 of the 45-row edging on the Aeolian Shawl. 3.) Exactly how many beaded shawls do I actually need in my life? 4.) I need socks way more than I need to spend another 6 months on a shawl. 5.) What about that Fair Isle Sweater I have been craving? 6.) Do I really think this is a good idea?

There. I’ve almost talked myself out of it.

Or at least into finishing the Aeolian.

eta: It’s less than $6. I am doomed.