Daughter and I went to Coco’s for breakfast. It was crazy busy, so we put our stuff on a table to hold it while we went up and ordered, and then sat down to wait.

So I got looking around (because ADD? whatever) and noticed the people at the table we were going to grab, but they got there first. All three were sitting, checking their phones. And then I looked back at Daughter and me, who were both busy reading – me a book, Daughter a Kindle.

Anyway, it’s crazy windy here (like Holy cats! It’s windy), with the wind blowing hard from the ENE, barreling down Chequamegon Bay and across the highway. I went out after breakfast to get pictures, but my battery died, so I didn’t get photos OF THE WAVES CRASHING INCHES FROM THE ROADBED AND SPLASHING CARS AS THEY DROVE BY! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this bad, but you have to remember I was out of town for three years at school, and I frequently don’t make it to the western edge of town.

I did get these (please click on them);




The pictures suck, and the wind was blowing hard enough that I could barely stand, and my battery died before I could do anything really stupid (like kneeling down to catch those four-foot waves up close and personal). But yeah, there used to be a beach there, especially in that bottom photo. Not a deep beach, but there was sand, at least. I think it might still be there. The poor gulls looked miserable. I was stunned to see so much debris thrown up the banks. It might be fun to go beach-combing tomorrow.

And I’m always surprised at how many people come out to watch storms. I am among my people!

I thought I’d add this quick;
Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 2.43.24 PM

12 foot waves. Gale force wind. Yee haw! Glad it’s not snow.