Probably won’t be every day. Why? Because I say so.

Also, I might be getting a job at which I cannot swear. WTF was I thinking?

Also. Discussion on Facebook on photography and asking “how does that make you feel?” which if you put it that way is not a question that needs to be answered. (And yes, I might be spending too much time in my head again.) The thing that should be discussed is meaning. What is the meaning of it? Is there meaning? Apparently, photography is philosophy. Actually, photography is light and air and space, ephemerals, not like picking up a hand-thrown coffee cup and saying yes, this fits in my hand and I will like holding, warming my hands. But I guess that is a discussion of the line between artisan and artist. And if we’re doing ephemeral, then we might as well do feelings.

I’ve been off my diet and everything hurts. And we still have a bag of candy to get through. Thank goodness I threw myself on the last of the bacon; however, there is still a goodly chunk of Swiss cheese, and smallish hunks of other cheeses. I could be in a pickle.


I haven’t been out shooting for a while, so you have to deal with a used photo. Meaning? You get to pick. Maybe we should talk about aesthetic principles, too.