Also, on what’s going on in the US today, if one stops to think. On the Guardian;

Hannah Arendt anticipated them when she wrote that “for the first time in history, all peoples on earth have a common present … Every country has become the almost immediate neighbour of every other country, and every man feels the shock of events which take place at the other end of the globe.” Indeed, it may be imperative to explore this negative solidarity of mankind – a state of global existence in which people from different pasts find themselves thrown together in a common present. For Arendt feared, correctly as it turns out, that this inescapable “unity of the world” might result in a “tremendous increase in mutual hatred and a somewhat universal irritability of everybody against everybody else”.

I got stuff to say, but not right now. Except that after reading “Still Alice” I am compelled to remind myself on an hourly basis that I have always been this spacey. Not terribly reassuring, but it’s all I got.