I made a book – well, I started making a book, and I realized it had issues. So I wrote what all the issues were on the book, and took a picture of it to prove that I was at least trying.

Except the picture is pretty poor, so I went to open Gimp to see if I could breathe some life into it –

And Gimp won’t open.

I started on a bell, but the torch I’m using doesn’t give out enough heat to anneal the metal.

I started working on a painting on muslin, but I have doubts.

I started working on another bell, but I was having trouble scoring the metal. It’s like I forgot everything. And I also lost the scribe I was going to use to start the score lines.

At which point I decided it was time to abandon ship for the night.


Gimp decided to load. Here’s the book and the notes.


This is what happened the first time I tried to brighten the image.

Mercury goes out of retrograde on the 11th, I believe.