Working on a thing. Somewhere along the line I saw an image from an illustrated manuscript of a comet. I think I saved the link, and I think I lost the link when the cat miraculously wiped out three folders of bookmarks. And yes, she is “the cat” today. She has been an asshole since we got home. Sorry, cat. We had a long day, and not just to spite you.

So anyway. The thing. It’s acrylic on muslin, roughly 20 x 37″. Why muslin, and not canvas? Because I am going to do things to it, and then quilt it, and then hang it on a wall. Yesterday I was ready to pitch it and start over, because the background wasn’t dark enough. But that wasn’t the real problem; the real problem was that it looked like some sort of weird bug (I didn’t take any pictures of this stage). So, as long as it was ruined, I could do what I wanted to it. Liberation!

It’s a nice project, for a number of reasons. Painting isn’t a strong point, so I’m learning lots – some of it by force. I work on it for an hour or two, and then have to leave it for a while to dry, so I am working on other things along with it. And because it was an epic fail for a while, it released me from careful into a more open mode.

I am envious of people who do controlled and smooth and elegant. I have frequent discussions with myself over this, and the only conclusion I can come to is that if I were the sort of person who was controlled and smooth and elegant, I would work like that. So I must not be that person.