(There’s a reason behind this sudden burst of blogging. I’ve been needing to write short articles for the local paper, just quick 4-5 sentence pieces, all breezy and fun. And it’s been taking hours. Well, okay, maybe an hour, hour and a half. But I realized I haven’t been writing for ten months now, since I got out of school. Letting all that facility flow away is something I can’t let happen. So I’m back.)

Katniss was all put out by us again today. I left in the morning, Daughter left around noon and we didn’t get back home till close to 3. Who was here to pet her? She was alone for three hours! Did we think she could take care of herself? What kind of fiends are we? After much scritching, and yes, closing my laptop so she could lie on top of it to be scritched, we are a happy family again.

I think Katniss really needs a puppy. Yet another reason to think about buying a house.

Work was not as stressful as it normally is. Two people were not in attendance, one of whom is so very very needy. I took advantage of it and rolled through as much work as I could. It was great. And my desk, whose purchase was an epic saga of its own, was delivered today. Now to find time to put it together, and find somebody to haul the useable but totally unsatisfactory thing I’ve been camped out on away. And then put all my stuff in and on the new one. I think I’ll be working Friday.