IMG_1240Otherwise known as the day of confusion. I work Monday through Thursday, which my brain tells me is a full week. So Friday feels like Saturday, but with everything open.

IMG_1242 My little copper friend here is one of those things that happen. So as to not poison the kitteh, I make pickle from lemon juice and salt, and left this little shape in it over- night, or maybe two. The sparkle side looks like crystals were etched in the surface. And that bright blue-green is wonderful too. So this piece might be done. I could spray it with fixative spray, or let it sit and see what happens next. I wonder if there’s a market for odd little shapes? Because they’re my favorite thing.IMG_1241
(If you look close, you can see the bit of silver solder that did not melt or run. Working with a Bernzomatic made me think I’d lost my mind, completely forgetting how to solder. [cautions:exaggeration ahead] The three pages of Warning! Danger! on the MAP gas cylinder is upsetting me a little, too. There’s a way forward. I haven’t found it yet.)