Yeah, I skipped yesterday. I came home from work and went to bed for three hours, got up and made dinner, and then ate most of a half-batch of cookies. Today I came home and finished off the cookies. But then we went to the gym, and now I’m a little better, except for maybe some hair-triggerism.

I tried to report someone’s income to Social Security. They’ve improved their voice recognition technology to the point that they got everything right! Yay! Except that the system wouldn’t let me report wages because something. So I called the regional office, and they’re only open 6 hours a day, except today, when they were only open for three hours. I don’t remember hearing anything about this cut-back on hours, and I kinda want to know whose bright idea it is. No wonder wait times are 45 minutes to an hour. You’re making everybody call in during the same small window. And wages have to be reported by the 5th. Except I think all the people who answer the phone know that the system is kinda sucky, and they try to be nice. Still.

I think this is a thing I’m noticing. The Big Huge Machine is doing its best (is designed?) to grind people down. I’ve noticed on Facebook that the number of “Cheer Up!” messages are on the increase. But I’ve also noticed that the people you actually talk to are doing their best to be gentle. Marx would probably have something to say about this.

Anyway. I have to go track down prices on stuff to write a grant proposal for the job that is making me crazier than the other job which was also driving me crazy. At least I’ve caught on that I have to report these hours I work outside the office, so they know three hours a day isn’t enough. Also I think I should go to the german lady’s chocolate store, and buy all the things.

So yeah, good bakery, two if you count Washburn’s bakery – they have their strengths and their weaknesses. Co-op, shiny and new. Coffee shops. A candy store. A big-ass Lake. An okay gym. Yarn far enough away that I don’t get there often, but close enough that I can get there. What else do I need, really?