Today was wonderful. The sun came out, and the air was warm.


I’m starting to notice what a disaster my house is. With returning sun comes returning energy. Pretty soon I will actually clean.

Daughter is truly becoming a functional member of the household, which is a good thing. But it also means that things are put in places that I don’t expect, or think to look. Case in point; I went to make my breakfast Thursday morning. I chopped up the mushrooms and threw them in the pan. I grabbed the spinach and chopped it up and threw it in the pan. I went to grab the eggs that I was sure she’d gotten – it was on her list – she is dependable! – but they aren’t there! So I throw cheese on the mushrooms, and go on with my day. I run in to the co-op, and as long as I’m there, I buy eggs and put them in the fridge. Several hours later, Daughter says, “I see we’re well stocked on eggs for a while,” which is my cue to say we didn’t have any eggs, which is her cue to point to the other dozen eggs in the fridge.

In my defense, they were on the wrong shelf. One of us has a problem. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. (There is also the thing where we have two containers of salt, plus a bag of sea salt. SS,DD.)

Continuing with the food theme; it’s been all over the internets, or at least in two places, that Indian food tastes so good because it has all the things, or something. We are in the habit of having salmon and roast vegetables on Friday nights. So, in honor of Indian food, I tossed the vegetables with garam masala. Also in honor of something I read somewhere weeks ago, I bought a couple of radishes and included them in the vegetables to be roasted, because different. I would show you photos, but it’s all gone. (Actually, the photos suck. I have my pride.) Garam masala was good, but it will be better with salt and pepper. Radishes completely change when they’re roasted, becoming smooth and warm instead of crunchy and sharp.

I’m settling into a pattern; job in the morning, a couple hours of sensory deprivation to balance out the overload of the morning, then doing things in the evening. Most of my moving around time is spent in the basement, doing things. I’m working on the Comet tonight, and I can tell it’s time to make a jump; I’m getting bored and antsy and disgruntled. I’ve been putzing with the metalwork too.

It feels so good to be working again.