I am running a little hot today. Expect no coherence.

First; I follow these ladies. I’m learning a lot from them, and I want to buy their stuff. (Also, photos and a much too late thank you will be coming – it’s too windy today)

Second; I should probably update my links.

Third; Daughter saw a robin. I was not crazy when I started putting the plants that I’d over-wintered in the garage outside to get some sun and some water. It’s supposed to be in the 50’s next week. I can bring the geraniums up from the basement.

Fourth; I got new glasses today. I have not run into any walls (which is always a risk when my astigmatism correction changes), and my face only hurts a little. All good. (Also, I have obvs been hanging with the hipster co-op crowd. Oops.)

Also, running hot is usually followed by flame-out. Nap time!