New book squeeeee!


An essay, it says, at 400 pages. Anyway, it covers all the spooky liminal attributes of Late Medieval Church material objects – paintings, crucifixes, altarpieces. So cool. I opened the book and ran across a section on Opening Marys- sculptures of Mary with openings in the back where relics were kept. So cool.

Also shown; one of the geraniums that have lived in the basement all winter, and that came up Saturday night because Sun and Warm Temperatures. I don’t think they believe it’s real yet, or maybe the sun is still too thin to really promote the greening of leaves. It will be above freezing all week, according to the forecast that can never be believed, so there they will stay.

And not shown, because it can’t be shown because it is gone; my computer at work decided to lose two hours’ work generating a list of mailing addresses. That I now get to do over, and which wasn’t supposed to be my job in the first place. I was in tears. But then we went to the gym, and I thought about it while doing sit-ups, and realized that there are several things missing from the course of two days, and I probably need to do a system restore, and start backing up to a thumb drive. F###ing PC’s. Or Microsoft; your choice. I suppose computers in general, but I won’t say anything bad about my Mac, except the updated software. If you can’t trust Apple, what can you trust?