To avoid a heart attack, I have been limiting my time on the computer, because “news” = “stress.” So I’ve been busy doing things.

Teeny baby petunias. There are many more now, maybe 2 1/2 times as many, but they aren’t much bigger. And while the cold and the snow have been fairly unwelcome, they are at least causing the furnace to run, and because the seedlings are living down by the furnace, they’re staying warm.







I finished a mini-shawl, maybe 40″ across. The pattern started out as “Multnomah” on Ravelry, but I changed the garter stitch to stockinette, and changed yarn for the ripples on the bottom. The pattern calls for fingering weight, but I made it in lace-weight. And of course, the colors in the photo were way off, but I’ve brought them in close enough. However, my house is now spotted.  I wish I hadn’t blocked this one. It was all soft and wavy at the bottom, and now it’s just got the feather-and-fan ripples. But guys, I was so stunned at how nice this came out. I made a pretty thing!

And also, I did this maybe-not-pretty thing.


I’m torn between “delicate organic form and texture” and “dead spider”, although “sitting zazen octopus” works just as well. It was actually a prototype, a quick mock-up. I don’t like version 2 at all, and I’m wondering about version 3. This idea was taken from an image lost in the Great Cat Erasing of 2014, so I can’t refer back to the Bronze Age original. Also, Kirsten: you are better at joins than this. Get back to invisible solder, please.


And now I have officially replaced every photo in this post, because that’s just how much I care. Have a good weekend, people.