I went to a training, a few hundred miles away. (Yes, I drove. Talk to Governor Walker about how the state might be well served by a rail system, and get back to me, okay?)

But anyway; the thing is, between the training and the driving for 12 hours, I was basically off the internet for a bunch of time. The training was a room full of nice people: I don’t work in factories anymore, people; I can let my guard down. And the thing where I was willful and believe I have superhuman powers caused me to not check the map before I left the hotel yesterday morning, and I ended up having an adventure! and a wonderful one at that. I drove blue highways almost all the way home, and had time to think, and to look around, and to decompress in general. Birds! Sandhill Cranes! Eagles! Vultures! A Red-Tailed Hawk! Deer! Trees! OMG each one with its own skeleton shape begging to be sketched! I felt wonderful. I got home and put on my nightgown and a pair of leggings, and sat down to catch up with the internet –

And somebody who is stressful to talk to called, and there was that stuff about Freddie Grey (and yes yay for charges but boo that we have to keep having this talk), and Bernie Sanders is running and this will be good for Hillary (Robert Reich, shut up maybe? What about the country?), and all that stuff that is incredibly important but I can no longer listen. So I took my decompensation into my own hands, shut down the computer, and knitted, and got up today vowing to not do this to my head anymore, except that there are a ton of conversations to be had on the internet. We’ll see what happens next. Also, not being online means I have to entertain myself, which means doing things, which is tiring. Anyway.

Here’s Sitting Zazen Octopus and its offspring.


12 o’clock is the Octopus: widdershins, generations 2, 3, and 4. Number 2 looks like it should be a shawl pin; I’ll let you know when I work that out. 3 makes me crazy, but Daughter likes it, so I’ll attach a bale somewhere for her. And Number 4, the round thing at 3 0’clock, is what I was going for originally, and I think is an exact replica of the image that the Cat lost. I’m considering putting a tie-tack back on it, and wearing it as a brooch. Or just letting it sit there, looking all nearly perfect like I actually tried and succeeded. Which kind of dead-ends this series. Hm. Still, look at that soldering on #4. You have to admit I did good. Well, you can say whatever you want; I’m happy with it. (And ironically, while I was trying to load this photo, I lost internet connectivity. The universe scoffs at me!)

Also, tomato and petunia seedlings, out in the sun (okay, bright shadow) for the first time – it’s that nice out.





And to top it off, lilac branches that were poorly exposed, so let’s play!

lilac buds


I think I feel good.