It’s been going badly. But did you know bears have silly ears?

brown bear -- flickr

Seriously. I googled “bear face image” and got a bunch of bears who are more or less menacing – But they all have silly ears.

In other news; I’m heading into an argument with Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Daughter was getting set up to take classes over the summer, and then her case worker quit, and now the new person is all, “You’ve been getting services too long, you should just stick with your (eight-hour-a-week, going-nowhere) job for now. And then today we got a call from another agency saying that her job coach is being replaced – by somebody in the company she works for. And that might be all well and good, except we met with DVR (who is providing her current coach) on Friday, and there was no mention of it.

I am angry. Sometimes it seems like that’s all I got left, is being angry at one hoop or another. So then I go downstairs and pound on something.

By the way, The Comet is not forgotten. I’ve got the batting and the fabric for the back, but because more (complicated) is better, I’m waiting for dye because in the middle of this I need to try new things. I’m tired of it staring at me, though. And I’m beating on some old keys that I have, and I’m working with the spider form, and… The list goes on. My morning glories are up, and nasturtiums and pansies and basil. It should be warmish by the end of the week, so everybody can go back outside.

I think that weather-wise, it’s going to be an erratic summer. I have plenty of clear plastic, just in case.