Not the psycho “why is it 85 degrees out it’s only April” nice, but an actual nice May day, So I went out and did things in my yard, mostly trimming the incredibly long grass along the foundation and all the stuff piled up by the foundation. I thought about mowing the lawn; it really needs it.


I am actually a little embarrassed by all those dandelions, because obviously I am an immoral person with low standards and that is why my grass is full of them.* But, it’s been cloudy and/or raining for a week now, ending with fog this morning, and I have a reel mower that does not appreciate cutting wet grass, so instead I pulled out my folding chair to sit and knit for a while. And realized that there were a bunch of these guys;


Bitty teeny wild bees. Maybe 20 at first, but as the minutes went by, it seemed like there was one for every 6 dandelions. So I let them have something to eat. Them and the butterfly that stopped by for a bit. And I’ve seen the bunnies enjoying the blossoms, starting at the bottom of the stem.

And then because it was nice I rode my bike over to the co-op. I so love riding my bike. That will never get old, I hope.

(*Just so you know, I’ve already mowed this part of the yard twice, and the rest once. It’s just this week that I’m being an immoral person with low standards.)