We went to see Inside Out. Everybody’s telling the truth; it’s a great movie. And PEOPLE NOT ME applauded! So I did too. I’m really happy that people do that.

Daylily pictures!




I like this last one best. Some year I’ll take the ultimate daylily picture, and quit doing this.

The neighbors’ puppy:


Yes, I did have to get all artsy. I think there was some pretentiousness in there too. She’s just this scrawny thing, all dig and jump. The neighbor said “she’s a dumb dog, she doesn’t come.” I said, “she’s brilliant, she just needs puppy school. No, she’s not too young.” I am having hella time not going over there and kidnapping the wee thing. She is so cute!

And FINALLY!!! The hollyhocks I’ve waited for for three years.


I stole seeds from in front of the post office, from plants that look just like this. Maybe the seeds I spent a small fortune on the year after will bloom – next year.

Today was cool and rainy. The clouds broke up as we were coming out of the theater, so we drove down to the marina to watch the last 5 minutes of sun – bright red sun, from the forest fires. But it will be cool enough to sleep under the covers tonight, and warm enough by the end of the week to head up to Corny and go swimming.