I got up and did things. I think the change of jobs has been a remarkably good thing.

But then we went to Walmart, where I ordered a canvas print. The photo place was slow, she said it would be done in a half-hour, we went wandering off to kill time, “Walk Like an Egyptian” was on the loudspeakers, nobody was around, I started doing like the song says, somebody came out of an aisle laughing at me.

I don’t think I did anything else particularly odd there, we got the print, we moved on. Driving home, we saw three bow-back chairs at the curb for sale, for $20. We parked the car, put the (non-Walmart) groceries away, put cash in my pocket, and walked back over there and got to the chairs literally seconds before this other person – maybe even just a second. I got all assertive and said, ‘Nope, sorry,” and paid the lady and we walked back carrying a chair and a half apiece. Now that they’re in my kitchen, I’m realizing that they look like Papa Bear’s chair – a ways past the average adult’s size. Don’t care. They’re solid, and I’ve been worrying about my kitchen chairs for years.

In other news; this last week, one scraggly stalk decided that there was time for a few more hollyhock blooms. Have a couple of pictures.