I might have to knit this, just for the full name: “Bias Stripe Scarf in Flax and Universe.”

Bias Stripe, of course, is the kick-ass blonde navy seal type. Scarf? Don’t know.

Flax and Universe sounds like something from a not-quite Ursula LeGuin novel- not horrible tripe, but not something you’ll remember forever. Or is Flax and Universe an intersection, possibly in a Neil Gaiman story? Flax, at least the ornamental stuff I used to grow, was a beautiful blue – plant it with white cosmos to make a star field?

Maybe the whole thing is the name of a fashion shoot – where the photographer unwittingly records evidence of the disposal of the body of the last person to know the real story behind the assassination of ??? A fashion shoot for Mode O’ Day, maybe. Are they still around? Or Sears. Sears fashion shoot. Grim.

This is possibly why I find it hard to pay attention, sometimes. It is also an explanation of why I dropped out of college the first time around – but that’s a different story.

The manager at my new job out-did me today. I walked up to him with a bunch of thin, raggedy, 1/8 inch wide, 10 to 14 inch long strips of paper, saying I wanted to make a diorama and use them for sheaves of wheat, for a nice autumnal thing. Or maybe make Blair Witch dolls, except we were past Halloween. Manager said, no, we make them now and sneak out at night and put them up along the lake walk, and freak out the little kids.

I like his style.