I miss blogs, so I’m going to be the change and all that, and start blathering. Course changes may happen.

First off; am I all alone in the universe in thinking Terry Pratchett’s secret name is Twee Pratt? I shouldn’t be so harsh and usually if I persist, something will be vaguely rewarding.  (Small Gods, 1992, in case you were wondering. I like the tortoise.) But hello failed philosophy students who are 15 and trying to figure out where their penis belongs in the greater world. Whatever.

Also, I am a much older failed philosophy student who has no penis, so there. We’ll talk about ambiguity sometime in the future.

I’m making things, I’m trying to sort things out, I’m generally still alive.

lunar landscape

Lunar Landscape. It’s two inches long. Copper, silver, brass. Bale on the back. As soon as I figure out how to seal it, it will be for sale. I think $50. Also notice the teeny maple blossom. My front walk is completely covered. As good as rose petals, and probably more environmentally friendly.

I’m generally more alive than usual. I’m good with that.