You go along for days and weeks and months concentrating on this jumble of yarn in your lap, paying attention one loop at a time (or not, sometimes, but that’s another story). And then you get to the last row, and the bind-off takes over a half hour, but all of a sudden it’s free! and you have this wonderful winged creature that’s been hidden in a lumpy mess.


Reyna, from Ravelry. I am even showing you the photo where you can see that I didn’t move the marker correctly, and my center has slipped. I care, and am horribly embarrassed, but I really like this pretty. You’ll never see that it’s off when it’s lumped up around my neck – and upper torso, because it is huge! About 2 meters across, maybe 80 centimeters down. Makes me happy.


But notice up on top where it’s a quiet, earthy thing, and down below where it’s Mardi Gras? I did the alternating rows thing a grand total of once (if you look hard, you can see where), and decided to pretend that I wanted those bright colors down there. I like the meshiness. I’m planning on doing a pillbox sort of hat and a pair of fingerless mitts or maybe mittens out of the rest. Someday.

I really love knitting lace shawls. I think I like wearing them nearly as much. I need more, I’m sure.

And also, the color in these images sucks. And it’s wrong side out. I apologize.

I’ve got a skein of fingering weight from Gnarled Paw, that I think will be my next victim.

Have a tulip or two.