This is depressing as fuck.


But anyway. Things I hope I learn; Pick a single focus or else figure out some way to introduce movement, because this is just awkward. Pencils are magical things that can go DARK  or delicate.  Use this knowledge. Ack. The proportions are better than they’ve been. The cockatiel bookend looks sorta like what it looks like. Oh, yeah. Straight lines; you might want to try them sometime.

Maybe it’s because I’m not just waiting for a really good one to post that I think I suck, but this is really bringing me down. Not sure if I’ll keep posting. I work most of the rest of the week, so being tired might affect things a bit.

In better news, Katniss has strangely become an actual cat, rather than a cat-shaped fat shedding bundle of nerves. She played today! She’s pooping pretty much where she’s supposed to – an incredible relief. My christmas cactus is blooming, as is my dwarf cyclamen. And it was warm today. I went out for a walk, and unzipped my jacket. Because it was a holiday, the town was quiet. Because it is January, the sky was blue.