There is a book in the world called “2312” by Kim Stanley Robinson. I checked it out of the library several years ago, and while I admired it, I was off-put by the austerity of the writing. A couple of years ago, I was at a bookstore and saw this book by one of my favorite authors, called “2312,” and snatched it up. I read for a while, and was kind of off-put by the austerity of the writing, and then realized I had read it before. But I finished it, and then donated it to the library up here. And have been thinking I should buy it again and read it again. Again.

The book is set well into the future, and people move all the time, from one planet to another to a moon to a spacecraft to somewhere else. One of the main characters, to combat the sense of dislocation establishes what are called psuedo-iterations, intentionally developed routines. I think about this, often.


I drink hot water with lemon, most nights. The cup is from a trip out West to see a friend. The cutting board is from my grandmother’s kitchen.