So, I’ve been missing. I hope this thing still works.

What have I been doing? Not much, until just a few days ago, when I accidentally bought a house. So who knows what will happen next? But in the meantime, I have this brain, that does things.

So I was at the bakery the other day, because after buying a house food became loosely defined. They have a blackboard on which they post inspirational quotes. This time it was “the purpose of life is to live with purpose.”

Oh no, you don’t get off that easy. “The purpose of life is to live,” said (sang) Spike. Sartre said something like the meaning of life is whatever keeps you from killing yourself. Those people with the diesel pickup trucks that cut in front of electric cars and spew exhaust? They might have another opinion.

(I can see why I disappear. I feel like this post should be heavily footnoted and sourced. Curse you College Education! But then again writing papers was my favorite thing – well, one favorite thing) (Oh look – Wikipedia!)

Continuing with the brain thing, I’m reading about meditation (which counts for something, I think) and I get to this bit –

Every day, millions of people depart this life. One day, you don’t know when, it will be your turn.”

I looked it up. On average, 151,000 people die each day. All you millions got to wait your turn. While you’re waiting, figure out what it’s all about, okay?