Laurie Perry:

“Society can cope with girls who are “broken” — but girls who burn with fury are a problem, and they need to be controlled. “

That. Just. Fucking. Infuriates. Me. Because if you look at it, “Society” then has something close to a necessity to break you-me-us. And I suppose this is and has been obvious, and that I’ve just put it away in a cupboard because Anger Is Bad. Which brings me to the other essay I read this morning, by Sarah Banet-Weiser;

“Women’s anger has been explained away for so many years as an inappropriate emotion, as evidence of our inferiority and overwhelming corporeality.”

I read. I read a lot, but pecking here and there, without a structure. So I don’t know what pop critical theory piece I was reading that was talking about “Glee” and how the scene with two characters flirting to “Baby it’s cold outside” gave LGBTQ people a reference – words, in a way – to identify and acknowledge specific interactions. These articles give me, maybe us, language, a map of intersections.

I read Ta-Nehisi Coates; when he drifts across my screen, when I search him out. He calls for reparations for Black Americans. I am ambivalent about the act, I say it’s because “what about the economy” but it might be me holding on to privilege – it probably is, because that money would still be ‘here’. But I wonder what the equivalent would be for women?

Now, for something completely different.