I’m noticing a trend in my facebook postings and in what links I send to friends; a need for thoughtful conversation.

This is a long read from the Guardian, on trump’s ramshackle transition team. In the middle of it is a section on an organization trying to make young people see public service as an exciting choice.

There were hundreds of fantastically important success stories in the US government. They just never got told.

Stier knew an astonishing number of them. He had detected a pattern: a surprising number of the people responsible for them were first-generation Americans who had come from places without well-functioning governments. People who had lived without government were more likely to find meaning in it. On the other hand, people who had never experienced a collapsed state were slow to appreciate a state that had not yet collapsed.

You might know, but probably not, that I got support from TRIO while I was in college.I also participated in the McNair program, and even though I didn’t go on for higher degrees, I still think it was one of the more important things I did at college. And now this thought peters out, because I have no idea where to go, except that you should maybe watch where people who didn’t grow up with the fairly common privileges.

ProPublica has an article up: “I don’t want to shoot you, brother.” An officer is fired because he didn’t immediately shoot somebody that he thought was trying suicide by cop. The article contained information on how police departments train officers on the use of deadly force, and what arguments could be made both for and against shooting.

A Native kid was shot up here last year by a county cop, maybe suicide, maybe not. At the time, there was outrage and calls for investigation into racism in the department, and questions regarding the county sheriff and the veracity of the autopsy.  Reading the ProPublica article made me realize how little I know about police procedures, and how this information would be useful to citizens. Watching the vote verification for the midterms this year, I noticed that even though there was no one running against him (no penalty against him for not marking that oval on the ballot), he got a consistent share of the vote in all communities, including communities that I think have large Native populations.

And then there was the strange case of Ammon Bundy, who came out criticizing Trumpism for greed and cruelty and fear over the horror being enacted on the Mexico border.

I dunno. Time to sit and listen.

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