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This little beauty came to live with me! Margaret Owen, Daily Painting. I see she just added another cute little thing. Mine is a 4×4 canvas, but it truly commands the space it is in. I’m looking for a place it deserves. I’ve learned a huge amount from Ms. Owen’s blog over the years, and am happy to finally support her in a small way.

Other good things? Daughter and I drove over to Duluth today. I was crabby and wanted to stay home and do things, but I’d put her off already, so we went, and had a good time, and had several long talks, and made a big long list of things we are grateful for. Such positivity out of two incredibly sarcastic people! But really. I like my phone, we like our car, the sky was blue, we have a place in the life of our town. And we aren’t the kind of people who shop for clothes.


I wander around sewing blogs, which led to wandering around fashion blogs, which has led to my new joy and inspiration; Advanced Style.

I’m not sure if I should steal any of their pictures, but these people are wonderful. Lenny and I had a prolonged argument about who should get to be the one wearing the red shoes, and who should be the bang lady.

Really. Go look.