I am running a little hot today. Expect no coherence.

First; I follow these ladies. I’m learning a lot from them, and I want to buy their stuff. (Also, photos and a much too late thank you will be coming – it’s too windy today)

Second; I should probably update my links.

Third; Daughter saw a robin. I was not crazy when I started putting the plants that I’d over-wintered in the garage outside to get some sun and some water. It’s supposed to be in the 50’s next week. I can bring the geraniums up from the basement.

Fourth; I got new glasses today. I have not run into any walls (which is always a risk when my astigmatism correction changes), and my face only hurts a little. All good. (Also, I have obvs been hanging with the hipster co-op crowd. Oops.)

Also, running hot is usually followed by flame-out. Nap time!

Green knight image

My medieval links on Facebook coughed up a new book that I MUST OWN NOW! The article is interesting on its own, but then I had to go buy the book it references, The Morphology of the Folktale. I am so easily led astray.

I suppose I should read Gawain, too.

A couple of videos about sorting the remains of the World Trade Centers, embedded at the bottom of this link.


The story is a quick scan, but the videos take 15 -20 minutes. Telling the story through what was found in the rubble brought September 11th to a human scale, that I might not have been ready for.

I feel an obligation to witness.





You can click on them to make bigger, I found. I think the surface is about half-done. This is more interesting than, “I had a nice day,” anyway.

Today was wonderful. The sun came out, and the air was warm.


I’m starting to notice what a disaster my house is. With returning sun comes returning energy. Pretty soon I will actually clean.

Daughter is truly becoming a functional member of the household, which is a good thing. But it also means that things are put in places that I don’t expect, or think to look. Case in point; I went to make my breakfast Thursday morning. I chopped up the mushrooms and threw them in the pan. I grabbed the spinach and chopped it up and threw it in the pan. I went to grab the eggs that I was sure she’d gotten – it was on her list – she is dependable! – but they aren’t there! So I throw cheese on the mushrooms, and go on with my day. I run in to the co-op, and as long as I’m there, I buy eggs and put them in the fridge. Several hours later, Daughter says, “I see we’re well stocked on eggs for a while,” which is my cue to say we didn’t have any eggs, which is her cue to point to the other dozen eggs in the fridge.

In my defense, they were on the wrong shelf. One of us has a problem. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. (There is also the thing where we have two containers of salt, plus a bag of sea salt. SS,DD.)

Continuing with the food theme; it’s been all over the internets, or at least in two places, that Indian food tastes so good because it has all the things, or something. We are in the habit of having salmon and roast vegetables on Friday nights. So, in honor of Indian food, I tossed the vegetables with garam masala. Also in honor of something I read somewhere weeks ago, I bought a couple of radishes and included them in the vegetables to be roasted, because different. I would show you photos, but it’s all gone. (Actually, the photos suck. I have my pride.) Garam masala was good, but it will be better with salt and pepper. Radishes completely change when they’re roasted, becoming smooth and warm instead of crunchy and sharp.

I’m settling into a pattern; job in the morning, a couple hours of sensory deprivation to balance out the overload of the morning, then doing things in the evening. Most of my moving around time is spent in the basement, doing things. I’m working on the Comet tonight, and I can tell it’s time to make a jump; I’m getting bored and antsy and disgruntled. I’ve been putzing with the metalwork too.

It feels so good to be working again.


Yeah, I skipped yesterday. I came home from work and went to bed for three hours, got up and made dinner, and then ate most of a half-batch of cookies. Today I came home and finished off the cookies. But then we went to the gym, and now I’m a little better, except for maybe some hair-triggerism.

I tried to report someone’s income to Social Security. They’ve improved their voice recognition technology to the point that they got everything right! Yay! Except that the system wouldn’t let me report wages because something. So I called the regional office, and they’re only open 6 hours a day, except today, when they were only open for three hours. I don’t remember hearing anything about this cut-back on hours, and I kinda want to know whose bright idea it is. No wonder wait times are 45 minutes to an hour. You’re making everybody call in during the same small window. And wages have to be reported by the 5th. Except I think all the people who answer the phone know that the system is kinda sucky, and they try to be nice. Still.

I think this is a thing I’m noticing. The Big Huge Machine is doing its best (is designed?) to grind people down. I’ve noticed on Facebook that the number of “Cheer Up!” messages are on the increase. But I’ve also noticed that the people you actually talk to are doing their best to be gentle. Marx would probably have something to say about this.

Anyway. I have to go track down prices on stuff to write a grant proposal for the job that is making me crazier than the other job which was also driving me crazy. At least I’ve caught on that I have to report these hours I work outside the office, so they know three hours a day isn’t enough. Also I think I should go to the german lady’s chocolate store, and buy all the things.

So yeah, good bakery, two if you count Washburn’s bakery – they have their strengths and their weaknesses. Co-op, shiny and new. Coffee shops. A candy store. A big-ass Lake. An okay gym. Yarn far enough away that I don’t get there often, but close enough that I can get there. What else do I need, really?

Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Back where I used to live, the locally-owned grocery store would make sugar cookies for the occasion, with a disc of white frosting topped with a green blob. Green eggs, right? It was pretty cool. Always bought them.

Today was one of those days at work. We need two signatures on the checks, and there are four signers. One’s down with a bad back, one’s mother is in the hospital, and one’s out on the coast somewhere. The one with the bad back is also the metaphorical backbone of the place. Without her there, I feel like I’ve been dropped in the middle of the ocean. One of the members came in to the office and said, “Hey, I think So-and-so just had a small seizure. I didn’t know what to do.” I get up and out the front door, but he’s two blocks away, so I call his case worker, because he’s obviously okay, but what does this mean?

But first thing this morning, I noticed the air. It was still just above zero, but there was a different note in the air, hot sun on thick snow. Spring is coming.

IMG_1240Otherwise known as the day of confusion. I work Monday through Thursday, which my brain tells me is a full week. So Friday feels like Saturday, but with everything open.

IMG_1242 My little copper friend here is one of those things that happen. So as to not poison the kitteh, I make pickle from lemon juice and salt, and left this little shape in it over- night, or maybe two. The sparkle side looks like crystals were etched in the surface. And that bright blue-green is wonderful too. So this piece might be done. I could spray it with fixative spray, or let it sit and see what happens next. I wonder if there’s a market for odd little shapes? Because they’re my favorite thing.IMG_1241
(If you look close, you can see the bit of silver solder that did not melt or run. Working with a Bernzomatic made me think I’d lost my mind, completely forgetting how to solder. [cautions:exaggeration ahead] The three pages of Warning! Danger! on the MAP gas cylinder is upsetting me a little, too. There’s a way forward. I haven’t found it yet.)


Wildly bad color, but I’m lazy today. I spent my energy shopping for bits and bobs to ornament The Comet.

Avoiding Walmart, I started at the local craft shoppe, which I might mock, but I am reasonably happy with their selection, and besides, sometimes you need to go pull open twenty or thirty drawers of little bits of color. The local craft shoppe has the whole DMC case. And why is the arrangement of that case so crazy-making? Why aren’t all the browns together, and the reds, and the greens? Instead you have to open every single little drawer all the way out. Normally I find this a good thing, but I was really trying to find just a few colors – with “a few” turning into 15. Maybe that’s why.

The next stop was the hardware store – and this is so weird. The guy who is a jerk, who is always a jerk, to the point where I cross the street to avoid him – was nice. “Made jokes” nice. “Gave me advice” nice. I think the store changed hands a few months ago. Maybe they got big huge raises? Anyway. We had a discussion about MAP gas, and how handy those little suitcase oxy-acetylene kits are. Like I am worthy of breathing his air, suddenly. Cool. I like hardware guys that believe you aren’t dumb. (The big yellow cylinder is MAP gas, which I think isn’t as explosive as the label might make you think. I hope.)

No walking to get to the quilt shop, and there I had a sad. Being a quilt shop, they don’t have a lot of choices for sewing machine thread. I did manage to pick up those two spools of shiny towards the back, along with that nice yellow. I still need a neutral grey, for patching jeans, and maybe beads. I might want beads; I’m not sure yet. So I will still have to go to Walmart. But, including the pharmacy, I got stuff done at four local businesses. Not bad, for a little town.


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