van Gogh, Les Alpilles, 1889,  Oil on canvas

Mondrian, On the land,  1898, oil on canvas

Cezanne, Bibemus Quarry, 1900, oil on canvas

I probably could have found a better example from Cezanne, but I’m lazy and not in school any more. And really, I’m not actually obsessing over van Gogh, he’s just interesting. Or the time was interesting. Or something.

Joe Biden.

Trevor Noah.

There are people who aren’t fucking assholes. Maybe hope isn’t dead. Maybe.

I”m guessing Cross’ image was earlier. He did quite a bit in pointilism. He’s somebody that needs to be more well known.


Mondrian is one of my heroes. Every time the viewing public caught up to him and his work became popular, her moved on. This period is my favorite, although his kinda-cubist-or-cezanne stuff is pretty epic.

We actually functioned some today, and the house is noticeably better for it. Truthfully, Daughter has been more functional in an around-the-house sort of way, which is good, because I did the drama queen “I can’t go on” thing. I think it was running out of milk in between scheduled grocery runs, and having to pay a $5 service fee to get a carton of lactose-free 2% for $7 at the coop because it’s organic free-range which is fine because it tastes better and lasts longer not that that is an issue any more what with breakfast cereal which really I’m fine with because I want them to stay open and I’m so thankful they have the curbside pickup and so many people wear masks and really it’s all fine.But yes, we ran out of milk and I had to go lie down for a week. And tomorrow is special shopping time at Walmart for the really scared among us, so we’ll be up and out at 6 am. More canned goods! including evaporated milk.

This is so stupid. And remember, it was brought to you by the republican party.


I want these puppies to stand as testament as to what it was like to function in a time of existential dread. Okay, heightened existential dread.

I was sporadically knitting with both colors in a couple of the little blotches you see, At one point I knitted the two colors as two separate stitches. I only noticed it because I habitually count as I go through a needle; “13, 14 ,15, 16, wait. Seventeen?” So I went back and recounted and okay, seventeen. Did I go back two rows and fix it? No! I rationalized it away by saying oh yeah I can just use this section as part of the heel. (Rationalization is important in sock-making, but it usually is in the line of “nobody will see it.”)

Also, see those loose ends hanging out? I forgot that you could weave in ends as you go.

There’s more, like I was knitting in three colors to use up some random leftovers, except I realized there wouldn’t be enough of that main reddish color for two full socks, so I bought another skein of what looked like a close match, As you can see in the bottom right of the picture, not. so. much. Now I will have tiny amounts of four colors.

And the beat goes on.

omg Sonny’s standing on a box.

We’re screwed.

Oh so screwed.

eta; live and let die

yes i expect fictional worlds to be functional.

Stupid. Just stupid. Even dragons and eating horse hearts wasn’t enough to outweigh the stupid.


Find your name here.

We decided to get up earlier, now that the weather is much better. We slept an hour later than normal.

In other news; I put up a shelf I’ve been thinking about for years, that I’ve had the pieces for for months. Then I took a nap.

During that nap, I dreamt my brother sent me a link to his family’s facebook group. I got on there (on my iPad, which is a “no” in non-dream life), and all the posts there talked about/to somebody named tony. (There is no tony.) And all the talk was “sure,” “that sounds good,” “okay.”

It was a beautiful day. We walked a mile or more, and stopped at a friend’s house to talk over the back fence. The sunset is lingering in the open sky. I’m waiting for the bats to come out, if they’ve made it through the winter.

And I keep expecting snow.