I’m thinking about running for president. Yes, of the United States. No, I have no formal experience in running a big business. I do have a GPA of 3.96 at school right now, which means I’m doing better than ol’ Buy-My-Way-In-or-Out-depending-on-the-circumstance. In art, which means I give a fuck about something other than money.

I promise, as soon as I get done with that fancy parade, I’ll pull a Jimmy Carter and Start Signing Shit. Gitmo, closed. The CIA can use its extraordinary rendition funds to bring the prisoners here. Tried in regular courts. Won’t take long. Do a quick eval of the evidence AND HOW IT WAS FREAKING GATHERED by non-military tribunals, and most of ’em will be out and on their way home. With free air fare. All those subsidies airlines get, they can absorb the cost. Or lose whatever privileges are afforded to airlines these days. And speaking of airlines. You going home to see your mom? Fine. Otherwise, take a flipping train. That will motivate the country into investing in high-speed rail. And gas mileage? Fuck this noise. 40 MPG minimum. Now. Yes, we’ll all be forced to drive around in little tiny cars. Then maybe people will slow the fuck down.

And yes. Troops home now. If anybody tries to resist me, I’ll go on every tv and channel and radio in the land and say, “Hey! Senator Dickhead from Stupidville thinks it’s a good idea your child should die for fucking oil.” Put that money into education and health care, and maybe into terraforming the moon.

No money going to religious organizations in any way, shape, or form. They want to place orphans? Teach kids to pray? They can do it on their own dime. This country was born of The Enlightenment, fools. Education in rational thought. Freedom for everybody, not just the people that think like you.

Foreign relations? I think money talks, a lot. You want a dime? Quit bombing fucking Palestine. Now. You want a dime? Put it into green energy.

Free school, through PhD, if you want it. Period. With an obligation to perform public service, Vista or Peace Corps. Yes, we are re-educating your youth, into realizing they aren’t lonely gunfighters but part of a whole.

Universal wireless. Mass transit. The whole nine yards.

32 hour work-week, with 6 weeks guaranteed vacation.

Did I miss anything?

Let’s push the conversation to the left.

eta; Today would be an excellent day to contact your congresspersons, on exactly how you feel about the proposed cuts to Social Security. That’s right, that one final line in the sand. What line? What sand? What promises? Find it all here.

And also; this makes it uglier.

Somewhere today I saw a graph showing the increase in 65 – 75 year olds entering the labor market. Because every thing is fine.